Quick Answer: What Is The Rank Of Free Fire In World?

Who is the No 1 player in free fire?

TSG JashThe player’s name is TSG Jash who is believed to be the world’s No 1 player.

As mentioned above, TSG Jash has been the no 1 Free Fire Player in world..

Which country is best in free fire?

1. Which country play free fire the most? Indonesia and it was also the winner of the Free Fire World Cup 2019 and has a total of 38 players.

Which country has free fire?

SingaporeSingapore is the country that created Free Fire, as everyone should know. Sea Ltd, a Singapore-based corporation, was responsible for its creation. Forrest Li, the company’s founder, and current CEO is the company’s current CEO.

In which country free fire banned?

BangladeshGovernment officials in Bangladesh are calling for a ban of Garena’s Free Fire mobile game and Krafton’s PUBG Mobile, according to a report.

Who is biggest hacker in free fire?

A recent video had surfaced on the internet with the title Nepali 12 Year Old Biraj is Biggest Free Fire Hacker Rumors. The video has been trending amongst gamers recently and it shows how the player has been killing all the opponents in the game with his hack.

Who is AWM King in free fire in India?

AjjubhaiAjjubhai : The AWM King He has 20.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Ajjubhai is one of the most popular content creators in the Free Fire community. Many people watch his content everyday and his channel Total Gaming racks up many views.

What is the rank of Free Fire in the world?

Shooter Surge PUBG Mobile was the No. 1 title for revenue in the world across the App Store and Google Play in 1Q21, while Garena Free Fire ranked No. 8.

Who is the Queen of free fire?

Sooneeta Thapa MagarSooneeta Thapa Magar, who goes by the name Sooneeta on her YouTube channel, is by far the most popular Garena Free Fire female streamer, with over two million subscribers.

Who is king of free fire?

Ravinchandra VigneshwarGaming Tamizan (GT King) is the King of Free Fire in India. His real name is Ravinchandra Vigneshwar and he hails from Tamil Nadu.

Which country has less free Fire players?

RussiaRussia has one of the lowest numbers of professional Free Fire players in the world (09), but has still earned decent money earned from the game. This is because the best players from the region came second at the Free Fire World Series 2019.

Is PUBG copy of free fire?

Both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are commendable titles that have left a huge impact on the esports scene across the world. … Thus, it is safe to say that neither PUBG Mobile nor Free Fire is a copy of each other as they both cater to their players in their own unique ways.

Who is free fire richest pro?

Here we will discuss the top 5 richest players in free fire.List Of Top 5 Richest Players In Free Fire.#5. Carlos “Fixa” Cesar.#4. Bruno “Nobru”#3. Douglas “Pires”#2. Samuel “Level Up 007” Lima.#1. Ajjubhai (Total Gaming)May 2, 2021

Who has most likes in free fire?

Top 10 free fire youtubers in worldGyanSujan (45102 Likes) most liked player in free fire. … NC AMRIT (437745 Likes) 100 level in free fire id. … Rakesh00007 (44756 Likes) Rakesh0007 is very famous in India. … SK Sabir boss (69000 likes) … Londibaz (148507 likes )Feb 27, 2021

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