Quick Answer: What Is Romeo Fear?

What is Romeo’s greatest fear?

Romeo’s greatest fear is that Juliet is a Capulet, his family’s foe.

This is true, so your question seems simple because it is justified.

A fear we probably don’t see is that she will find out he too is a Montague, her family’s foe..

What does the line some consequence yet hanging in the stars have to do with his feeling of dread?

What is Romeo’s misgiving, and what does the line “some consequence, yet hanging in the stars” have to do with his feeling of dread? Discuss the theme this quote illustrates. The line “some consequence, yet hanging in the stars” suggest that according to fate and destiny that something bad is gonna happen.

Why does Juliet fear Tybalt’s ghost?

What is shroud? Why might Juliet fear a visit from Tybalt’s ghost? He might haunt her for betraying her family and loving his murderer.

What 4 things does Juliet fear?

Act 4QuestionAnswerWhat fears does Juliet express in her soliloquy?1. What if the mixture doesn’t work? 2. What is Friar mixed the potion to kill her? 3. What if she wakes up in the tomb before Romeo gets there, she may suffocate. 4. While being surrounded by death and darkness, she will go insane, and kill hers13 more rows

What is Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 4 about?

Romeo, Benvolio, and their friend Mercutio, all wearing masks, have gathered with a group of mask-wearing guests on their way to the Capulets’ feast. Still melancholy, Romeo wonders how they will get into the Capulets’ feast, since they are Montagues. … Romeo steps in to stop the speech and calm Mercutio down.

Why does Juliet take a dagger to bed with her?

She takes a dagger to her bed because if the potion does not work she will kill herself with the dagger. He mixed a potion that will kill her and it is made out of poison. What does Juliet fear about Friar Laurence and the potion? Romeo dreams that he is dead.

What is Romeo’s fear Brainly?

Answer: he fear that if his true identity will be revealed and discovered.

What 3 fears does Juliet reveal?

She also doesn’t have any other options. What three fears does Juliet reveal in her soliloquy in Scene iii? The potion may not work; it may kill her; she may wake up alone in the tomb before Romeo comes.

How does Juliet first try to kill herself?

How does juliet first try to kill herself? By kissing Romeos poisoned lips.

How old is Juliet?

thirteen yearsJuliet is thirteen years old. In Shakespeare’s primary sources, Juliet is considerably older than she is in the play. Why does Shakespeare change Juliet’s age?

What is Romeo’s strength?

Romeo’s great strength is his emotional energy and the way he throws himself 100 percent into living wholly in the moment. No one could ever accuse Romeo of doing anything halfway. When he is in love, he is completely in love.

Is Romeo a stock character?

A stock character is a stereotype or a flat character. This is a character who does not change and has no depth, and could be in any story. Tybalt is an example of a stock character. … Of course Romeo does not want to fight, he is in love with Tybalt’s cousin Juliet!

What does Romeo mean by some consequence yet hanging in the stars?

Romeo says there is “Some consequence yet hanging in the stars…” (Shakespeare 1.4. 113) meaning that he is destined or that fate has destined him to an untimely death.

What does Romeo fear What does he think may happen to him and when will it begin?

Romeo believes he is too depressed and too deeply in love with Rosaline to enjoy himself. … The sense of fear and foreboding Romeo experiences is an example of foreshadowing: he is fated to die and this path will “bitterly begin” at the party.

Who finds Juliet dead?

the NurseEarly the next morning, the Capulet house is aflutter with preparations for the wedding. Capulet sends the Nurse to go wake Juliet. She finds Juliet dead and begins to wail, soon joined by both Lady Capulet and Capulet.

What does Juliet say before drinking the potion?

Before drinking Friar Laurence’s potion, Juliet lists many fears that she has. She fears that the potion might kill her, and that she might wake up in the tomb before Romeo can get to her. … However, at the beginning of her soliloquy, Juliet says: “Shall I be married then to-morrow morning?

How old was Romeo?

Romeo’s age is never given, but since he carries a sword, it can be assumed that he is not younger than Juliet’s thirteen years. It is much more likely that, given his immature responses to problematic events in the play, that he is probably about sixteen or seventeen years old.

What is Juliet scared of?

As she prepares to drink the sleeping potion prepared for her by Friar Lawrence, Juliet fears that it might actually be poison, that it might not work (which means she will have to marry Paris), or that it might wear off early, leaving her to wake up in a tomb and go mad with fear.

How do the parents of Romeo and Juliet feel about them?

The relationship between children and parents in Romeo and Juliet is very weak because there is a lack of interaction between them. Romeo and Juliet are very rebellious and the parents express negative feelings about their children.

What consequence does Romeo see hanging in the stars?

“I fear too early, for my mind misgives Some consequence yet hanging in the stars Shall bitterly begin his fearful dare With this night’s revels, and expire the term Of a despisèd life closed in my breast By some vile forfeit of untimely death.

How are Romeo’s dreams different from Mercutio’s?

Mercutio treats the subject of dreams, like the subject of love, with witty skepticism, as he describes them both as “fantasy.” Unlike Romeo, Mercutio does not believe that dreams can foretell future events.

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