Quick Answer: What Does Commensurate Mean?

What does commensurable mean?

1 : having a common measure specifically : divisible without remainder by a common unit.

2 : commensurate sense 1..

What should I say about salary expectations?

You can also respond to “What are your salary expectations?” by simply asking what the company is looking to pay. “You could say something like, ‘That’s a great question—it would be helpful if you could share what the range is for this role,”’ Fink says.

What is a good sympathy message?

Common Sympathy Card Messages “I am so sorry for your loss.” “My deepest sympathy for your loss.” “Words fail to express my deep sorrow for your loss.” “My heart goes out to you and your family.”

What is the opposite of commensurate?

commensurate. Antonyms: unequal, short, scant, inadequate, insufficient, incommensurate. Synonyms: equal, adequate, sufficient, coextensive, conterminous.

What’s the opposite of commiserate?

What is the opposite of commiserate with?distresstormentdisturbworrygive someone griefpunishblamescorndisdain8 more rows

What does commensurate salary mean?

Commensurate with experience”Commensurate with experience” describes the salary an employer offers based on a candidate’s specific criteria, like experience, skills, education and training. The employer could have a general range budgeted for the role, but they don’t discuss the actual salary until they make an offer.

What does my commiserations mean?

Commiseration refers to feelings of sympathy for other people. If a friend’s pet dies, you will probably want to express your commiseration. If you are feeling commiseration for someone, they are probably going through difficult times. We feel commiseration when others suffer or feel pain and we understand that pain.

What is not commensurate?

When things are commensurate, they’re fair, appropriate, and the right size. If you got a ticket for jaywalking, you shouldn’t get ten years in prison — that penalty is not commensurate with the crime. The word commensurate is usually followed by with or to; one thing is commensurate with or to another.

What does obscurity mean?

the state of being unknown or forgottenEnglish Language Learners Definition of obscurity : the state of being unknown or forgotten. : something that is difficult to understand.

What unit is commensurable with Miles?

From the list of given options; grams is incommensurable with miles because they measure different entities.

What is another word for commensurate?

Commensurate Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for commensurate?correspondingequivalentproportionatecomparablecommensurableequalproportionalappropriateconsistentcorrespondent162 more rows

What should I put as my desired salary?

What to Put for Desired Salary on Job Applications. The best way to answer desired salary or salary expectations on a job application is to leave the field blank or write ‘Negotiable’ rather than providing a number. If the application won’t accept non-numerical text, then enter “999,” or “000”.

What does Energise mean?

verb (used with object), en·er·gized, en·er·giz·ing. to give energy to; rouse into activity: to energize the spirit with brave words. to supply electrical current to or store electrical energy in.

What’s another word for sympathize?

Sympathize Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for sympathize?empathiseUKempathizeUSfeel empathy withhave sympathy forlink withtake pity onfeel withlament withshow sympathyreprieve54 more rows

How do you use the word commiserate in a sentence?

Commiserate sentence example She wanted to commiserate with the horse’s assistant, who seemed as awkward in his role as Jessi felt in hers. Your older child will feel even more grown up when he can commiserate with you.

What are commensurable quantities?

Two like quantities—for example, lengths or areas—are said to be commensurable if they have a common measure. … If two quantities are commensurable, their ratio is a rational number. The ratio of two incommensurable quantities, on the other hand, is an irrational number.

What is commensurable with Miles?

Miles is a measure of distance, so the commensurable measure will also be a distance measure. acres – area measure. kilograms – mass measure. hours – time measure.

What does commensurate mean in a sentence?

1 : corresponding in size, extent, amount, or degree : proportionate was given a job commensurate with her abilities. 2 : equal in measure or extent : coextensive lived a life commensurate with the early years of the republic. 3 : commensurable sense 1.

What is another word for commiserate?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for commiserate, like: sympathize, empathize, pity, condole, fraternise, share sorrow, yearn, console, ache, compassionate and feel.

Can you lose job offer negotiating salary?

Yes, recruiters will rescind a job offer during negotiations. However, the reason is not likely to be the candidate’s negotiating style but that the candidate reveals during the negotiation that they are not likely to succeed in the position.

Is commiserating a word?

verb (used with object), com·mis·er·at·ed, com·mis·er·at·ing. to feel or express sorrow or sympathy for; empathize with; pity.