Quick Answer: How Do You Use Vilify In A Sentence?

What is vilification in the workplace?

Vilification in the workplace A complaint of vilification is something that workplace participants in affected groups could use to deal with behaviour which is not otherwise effectively prevented or dealt with by an employer.

Vilification is, first of all, a public act..

What is an example of vilification?

Examples of racial vilification may be: somebody shouting racial abuse at a passenger in a bus; displaying racially offensive posters in public; wearing a T-shirt with racially offensive words.

How do you vilify someone?

To vilify someone is to spread nasty stories about them, whether true or not. The verb vilify comes from the same root as the word vile and is a negative word if ever there was one! One way to remember the word is to think about how it sounds — like the word villain (which is unrelated and comes from villa).

What is the synonym of vilify?

Dictionary of English Synonymes vilify(v. a.) Synonyms: defame, traduce, revile, asperse, calumniate, scandalize, malign, reproach, abuse, blacken, blemish, slur, vituperate, backbite, lampoon, disparage, upbraid, berate, run down, speak ill of, accuse falsely, damn with faint praise.

What is vilification definition?

Vilification is a public act that could incite hatred, serious contempt or ridicule towards a group of people who have a particular characteristic. It is against the law to vilify people on the basis of race, homosexuality, transgender status and HIV/AIDS status.

Can you put in a good word for me?

Make a supportive remark or favorable recommendation. For example, Please put in a good word for me with the supervisor, or When you see her, put in a good word for the department. The use of good word for a laudatory utterance dates from about 1200.

Should I kill Powder Gangers?

Don’t do anything to piss off the Powder Gangers. Go to the prison and start doing quests for them. Eventually, you’ll get a quest where you have to go to Primm to find out if the NCR are going to attack soon. … That’s the only way to rid the prison of them.

How do I get Goodsprings idolized?

Accept the training offer from Sunny Smiles after leaving Doc Mitchell’s house (she can be found in the saloon). She will take you out to check the water pumps and kill some geckos. Complete the entire exercise. Near the end, a Goodsprings settler will come under attack by geckos.

What does vilified mean fallout?

Vilified means your Infamy is high, not the fame is low (lot of people tend to assume the latter, wrongly). And decreasing fame/infamy scores tends to not work, since the system was designed to take only increasing values to effect. Short: Unless it’s NCR or Legion, you don’t.

What does Villainizing mean?

: vilify. intransitive verb. : to play the role of a villain.

Is Villanize a word?

verb (used with object) vil·lain·ized, vil·lain·iz·ing. to speak ill of; disparage; vilify: to villainize the wealthy.

How do you gain reputation with the NCR?

Talk with Colonel James Hsu. You will get NCR fame and talk with Major Dhatri in camp. He will give you a mission named Three-Card Bounty. Kill 3 Fiend leader and take their head and talk with Major Dhatri you will get NCR fame again and talk with Carrie Boyd you will get an unmarked quest named “Silus Treatment”.

What does disparaging mean in English?

: meant to belittle the value or importance of someone or something : serving or intended to disparage someone or something a disparaging term/word … disparaging comments from ordinarily sane and sympathetic critics …—

What does it mean to vilify someone?

transitive verb. 1 : to utter slanderous and abusive statements against : defame.

What is villain mean?

1 : a character in a story or play who opposes the hero. 2 : a deliberate scoundrel or criminal. 3 : one blamed for a particular evil or difficulty automation as the villain in job …