Question: Who Is The Smartest Rapper?

How old is Jcole?

36 years (January 28, 1985)J.


Is Eminem single 2020?

Currently, Eminem is single. In a interview with Rolling Stone, the rapper said he finds it hard to find someone that he can trust. “I mean, I’d like to be in a relationship again someday.

Who is the most educated rapper?

List of 10 Most Educated Rappers Who Went To College And Earned Degrees1) Tracey Lee.2) David Banner.3) Ludacris.4) Sean “Diddy” Combs.5) Lil’ Wayne.6) Kanye West.7) Common.8) Talib Kweli.More items…•Oct 4, 2020

Who is the hottest rapper 2020?

From new 2020 rappers, like young rising stars Roddy Ricch and Lil Nas X, to some of the best hip hop artists of the decade, like Eminem and Drake, all rappers are welcome here as long as they’re among the best modern rappers releasing new music in 2020.

Is Dr Dre really a doctor?

Dre is actually a doctor. Also, to clarify, a doctor of medicine would involve a professional degree, while a Ph. D. is more of an educational/doctoral degree.

Does Jay Z have a degree?

He was born in Brooklyn, New York. … Then he attended George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School in downtown Brooklyn. Following that school Jay-Z end up attended Trenton Central High School in Trenton, New Jersey. Jay-Z did not complete his high school education or receive a degree.

What is Snoop Dogg’s IQ?

TIL Snoop Dogg has an IQ of 147, which is considered highly gifted-genius level : todayilearned.

What is Eminem’s IQ?

110 to 120Eminem IQ is estimated from 110 to 120, which is considered as an average IQ and in top 68% of the population in the world.

What rappers own their masters?

King Von. Chicago’s recently deceased rapper King Von’s succumbed to an early demise. … Russ. The Italian American hit machine Russ has made his name by making it known that he writes, records, produces, even mixes and masters his own music. … Tory Lanez. … 21 Savage. … Iggy Azalea. … Chance the Rapper. … Yo Gotti. … 2 Chainz.More items…•Feb 24, 2021

Can I get into Harvard with a 2.0 GPA?

Yes, GPA isn’t everything but you have to have a somewhat competitive gpa at least a 3.5 to have a chance. 2.0 is the unofficial cutoff to get into the college. To go to the ivies isn’t everything you can go to a community college and transfer with better grades.

Does Dr Dre have a PHD?

The rap icon, real name Andre Young, has finally achieved his doctorate in his chosen medical field after years of academic study. …

What rapper went to Harvard?

Rapper Ja Rule completes Harvard Business School education – New York Daily News.

What college degree does 2 Chainz have?

North Clayton High SchoolVirginia State UniversityAlabama State University2 Chainz/Education

Who has 300 IQ?

William James SidisWilliam James Sidis is alleged to have had an IQ of 275 With an IQ between 250 and 300, Sidis has one of the highest intelligence quotients ever recorded. Entering Harvard at the ago of 11, he was fluent in more than 40 languages by the time he graduated and worked his way into adulthood.

Who is the number 1 rapper of all time?

Eminem1. Eminem. Eminem is the best-selling rapper in history. With over 200 million records sold, he is also the 6th best-selling solo music artist of all time.

Which rapper has a Phd?

Waka FlockaWaka Flocka has just been given an honorary doctorate degree in philanthropy and humanitarianism. The rapper, now holding a “Dr.” to his name, has joined a list of other artists who have also received doctorates — Kanye West, who received his from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; P.

Who is the fastest rapper alive?

Twista for Fastest Rapper Alive Twista may not be high up on the mainstream radar, but he’s still pretty well known for his fast rapping. Guinness acknowledged him in 1992 as the Fastest Rapper Alive at a rate of 11.2 syllables a second.

Who is the richest rapper?

Kanye WestGo To SectionRankNameNet Worth1Kanye West$1.8 Billion2Jay Z$1.4 Billion3Sean Combs – Diddy$885 Million4Sean Combs – Diddy$825 Million21 more rows

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