Question: Is Bravissimo A Real Word?

What is the difference between Bravissimo and Bravissima?

Bravissimo is an adulatory interjection given to a male artist.

Bravissimi is the expression given to a plural number of performers either all males or of mixed gender.

Bravissima is the expression given to a female performer, and bravissime is the expression given only to a plural number of female performers..

What does Brava mean?

: bravo —used interjectionally in applauding a woman.

What does FCUK stand for?

French ConnectionFCUKAcronymDefinitionFCUKFrench Connection United Kingdom (clothing brand)

How do you spell Bravissimo?

The intensive form of bravo. The definition of bravissimo is an Italian word used to express highest praise. An example of bravissimo is what one might say to a singer who has just completed a fantastic performance in an opera.

Is FCUK a good brand?

Among all respondents, French Connection is bottom when it comes to whether a brand provides good value for money. It ranks far higher when it comes to quality (in sixth), but French Connection clearly has an issue. … Comparing French Connection to two other fashion brands – H&M and Zara – illustrates the problem it has.

Do you say Brava to a woman?

The Italian word “bravo” is used in English, French and many others. These languages take only the masculine form of the Italian adjectives and apply it to both genders. In Italian “bravo” is an adjective and its gender must agree with the noun. So for a woman, you should say “brava”.

What does Bravissimo mean?

very well donebravissimo in American English (bʀɑˈvissiˌmɔ) interjection. very well done; splendid. Word origin. It, superl.

Is French Connection expensive?

“French Connection has always been considered quite expensive, so the product has to be just right. When it goes off from time to time, it’s seen as too expensive. … Its product has been variable, and its pricing architecture hasn’t always been joined up.

Is French Connection a designer brand?

French Connection is a design led British brand, creating distinctive products across womenswear, menswear, accessories and home for the modern lifestyle.

What does Brava mean in Russian?

браво adverb. bravo bravo. бандит noun. bandit bandit, thug, gangster, gunman, mobster.

Is Brava a Scrabble word?

BRAVA is a valid scrabble word.

Is Prisonous a word?

adjective. Resembling or characteristic of a prison.

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